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Best 120mm pc cpu case fans:ARGB color changing light beads, not only on the outer frame, but also shining infinitely inside

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  • Best 120mm pc cpu case fans
  • Best 120mm pc cpu case fans
Product Detail


Customize your exclusive lighting show



Multiple Colors

White, Black, Pink

RGB color changing light beads, not only on the outer frame, but also shining infinitely inside



Inner Glow
True color ARGB

Using 24 long life ARGB lamp beads, Supports full color display of 16.8 million colors. Brilliant colors, Soft, full, and non leaking lamp beads

Long Life ARGB Beads

Supports full color display of 16.8 million colors



High wind pressure
High air volume

Strictly control the quality and assembly process of the fan, Improve the internal air duct of the chassis, Reduce the temperature of the chassis, Helps the host run stably for a long time

Paired with 8 noise reducing rubber pads, Bring you a cool and quiet experience



Intelligent temperature control
Energy saving and noise reduction

Support gradual PWM intelligent temperature control, Automatically adjust the fan speed based on CPU temperature, Energy saving and noise reduction, providing you with quiet enjoyment

When the CPU temperature rises, the fan automatically increases its speed and quickly cools down

When the CPU temperature decreases, the fan automatically reduces speed, saving energy and reducing noise



Support motherboard links, including ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE, ASRock, etc. Addressable 5VA RGB interfaceImplement software control of lighting, programmable definition


(Part of it) AURA SYNC mode of the motherboard



There are two interface options: 5V3Pin and single 6Pin



Illuminate Yes Effect

Support AURA SYNC, with interactive lighting at your fingertips



Installation effect

Improve the running speed of the host chassis, making your chassis more cool, dazzling, and fashionable




Fan size: 120 × 120 × 25mm

Fan air volume: 61 ± 10%CFM

Fan Speed: 800~1800 ± 10%RPM

Rated voltage: DC 12V (fan) DC 5V (lamp bead)

Type of bearing: Hydraulic bearings

Rated current: 0.25A ± 10 (fan) 0.18A ± 10 (lamp bead)

Fan connector: 5V3Pin + PWM4Pin / 6Pin

Noise level: 17.8~34.3DBA



Best 120mm pc cpu case fans Product display





Fan Size 120*120*25mm Fan Speed Control 800~1800±10% RPM
Air Volume 61±10% CFM Bearing Type Hydraulic bearings
Fan Noise 17.8~34.3 DBA Fan Rated Voltage 12V DC
Interface 5V3Pin + PWM4Pin Number Of Lamp Beads 24
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