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Mi 23.8" Desktop Monitor A24

Mi 23.8" Desktop Monitor A24

Mi 23.8" Desktop Monitor A24 :Simple Stylist, Light Office

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  • Mi 23.8" Desktop Monitor A24
  • Mi 23.8" Desktop Monitor A24
Product Detail

Redmi A24

Simple Stylist, Light Office



Good screen makes office comfortable and efficient!

1080P HD

Fine meticulous careful, natural, Clear

23.8" display with 1920 * 1080 Reflesh Rate High Definition, Detail Preservation, Present High-definition lmages.

Whether browsing pictures or reading text, clear images can be seen for a long time.



16.7M Primary Colors

The original 8bit screen brings 16.7 millon rich colors.

With 99% sRGB professional color display, everything can be restored, become your first choice for office.



3000:1 High Contrast

Select the screen to bring a higher contrast number, so that the bright part is real and vivid, the dark part is pure and profound, the picture looks more transparent.



75Hz Reflesh Rate Flow is not Slow

With 15 more frames per second than the traditional 60Hz, it is a smooth experience even if you scroll through the page quickly.



Lightweight Design Relax to Work

7.2mm UlItra Slim Design

The thinnest part of the ody is only 7.2mm, thin and simple design, with clean and tidy desktop space, easy to work for a whole day



3 Micro Edges Immersive Experience

Ultra-narrow Frame, 90.4% Screen Ratio, no Interference in the Field of Vision, so that Office more Focused



Small Details High Quality

Fine-tuned with the Angle of View, Care for the Cervical Spine

Support a variety of Interfaces, Connect more Clock Possible

Exquisite Coating Texture, Ingenious Design



Quality Guaranteed

3 Years Orignal Complete Machine Maintenance

After Sales Engineer on-site Service





Screen Type LCD Size 23.8 inch
Screen Ratio 16:9 Resolution 1920*1080
Refresh Rate 75hz Connector HDMI,VGA
Panel Type IPS
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