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Small Twins Towers Colorful Radiator

Small Twins Towers Colorful Radiator

Best cpu heatsink:Super cooling extraordinary experience pure
Copper six heat pipes air-cooled cpu cooler

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  • best cpu heatsink
  • best cpu heatsink
Product Detail

Small Twins Towers Colorful Radiator

6 thermal copper tubes

Efficient heat dissipation

Dual fans



High-end quality and exquisite details

Super cooling extraordinary experience pure copper six heat pipes air-cooled CPU cooler



Two sets of aluminum heat sinks

Six heat pipe tower type cooling scale set

6 U-shaped bending sintered pure copper heat pipes, symmetrical arrangement of horizontal and vertical axes effectively reduce the performance loss caused by the number and angle of excess bending



Equipped with six pure copper heat pipes and pure copper base

Zero distance to the CPU, high-performance cooling

Ultra-flat design pure copper bottom, zero contact with the CPU, conducive to CPU heat conduction around the six pure copper heat pipe distribution arrangement, more conducive to the CPU emitted heat are transmitted to the entire fins thermal conductivity more quickly



Dazzling light effect - no longer monotonous heat dissipation

Equipped with a dual seven-blade fan 90MM fan light effect is soft and not harsh, double-layer light effect cool cooling



Two 9OMM silent seven-blade fan
Intelligent temperature control adjustment

Standard with two 90mm intelligent temperature control fan maximum airflow up to 50CFM, the lowest noise only 28dB



Adopt FIN process - increase heat dissipation area

Using the FIN process to increase the contact area between the sheet and the heat pipe to effectively improve heat transfer efficiency



Adopt button FIN process uniform heat dissipation

The fins use the buckle FIN process to keep the fins equally spaced to enhance the solidity of the fins and even heat dissipation



Multi-platform compatible fasteners

Multi-platform buckle support IntelLGA115X / LG775 and AMD754 / 939 / 940 / AM2 / FM1 / FM2 / and other platforms support most of the mainstream platforms on the market



More details Experience the extraordinary

Strong cooling extraordinary experience pure copper six heat pipes air-cooled CPU cooler



Dazzling light effect fan

Using a new design, double-layer three-dimensional effect surface light source, non-blinding, good luminous effect



The use of seven-blade fan 9CM fan

Eight-stage motor, strong heat dissipation effect, high torque



Two groups of high-density cooling fins

Two groups of 40 high-density fins are used for powerful heat dissipation





Fan Size 90*25*90mm*2PCS Fan Speed 900-1800CFM
Fan Noise 28dB (A) Net weight of product 530g
Product size 94*110*132mm Fan life /
Applicable Platform Intel: LGA775 / 1155 / 1156 / LGA1150 / 1366
AMD: 939 / 940 / AM2 / AM2+ / AM3 / FM1 / FM2
Fan Port 3pin
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