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Owl240 Water-Cooled

Owl240 Water-Cooled

Best radiator water cooling:High stability motor, maintain stable and continuous water cir-culation, enhance heat dissipation function 99.70% high purity copper base, built-in 0.15mm macro water channel, enhance heat exchange so that the cpu core fast heat dissipation

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  • best radiator water cooling
  • best radiator water cooling
Product Detail

Owl240 Water-Cooled



Strong cooling RGB light effect intelligent temperature control



Powerful inner core heat dissipation expert

High stability motor, maintain stable and continuous water circulation, enhance heat dissipation function 99.70% high purity copper base, built-in 0.15mm macro water channel, enhance heat exchange so that the CPU core fast heat dissipation



Intelligent temperature control and noise reduction operation

120mm bright fan, can run between 500rpm-2000rpm, to achieve high speed heat dissipation



One-piece cold head Extreme Ice Power

Using FEP high and low temperature resistant bellows, low evaporation rate of liquid. High and low temperature resistant sealing material to ensure no liquid leakage! Three-phase inductorless motor plus, motor starts running more smoothly. Ceramic shaft core, extend the service life!



Heat dissipation powerful-18FPI high density fin

The S-fin is 35% thicker, which increases the effective contact area and is more conducive to the heat exchange effect

War owl integrated cold row high-density thread increases the cold heat dissipation area, so that the water cooling liquid quickly cooling



Dazzling fan dazzling
light and beauty

16.8 million colors to the United States magic color RGB, up to TDP250W strong heat dissipation, dynamic balance anti-leakage liquid, light efficiency heat dissipation, with large area fin heat dissipation, effectively take away heat



Low evaporative water cooling pipe

The EPDM HDPE water-cooled pipe has a low evapotranspiration rate to prevent the natural volatilization of the coolant under high temperature use



No leakage of industrial grade interface sealing process

Resistance to stretching, bending, good sealing, avoid night leakage, evaporation, bellows relative to the traditional rubber pipe evaporation rate is low



Compatible with multi-platform accurate & efficient heat dissipation

Fully compatible with major intle and AMD platforms





Fan Size / Fan Speed 500-2000rpm (±10%)
Fan Noise 32.5dB (200rpm) Net weight of product 962g
Product size 120*120*25mm (2PCS) Fan life 30000 hours
Applicable Platform Intel: LGA775 / 1155 / 1156 / LGA1150 / 1366 Fan Port /
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