NEWS [One-week chip hot list] STMicroelectronics ranked first in the hot search, and several new models were on the list (2023.2.6-2.12)
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  STMicroelectronics M41ST85WMH6F is a 3.0/3.3 V I²C combined serial RTC, NVRAM monitor, and microprocessor monitor. The M41ST85WMH6F is a combination serial real-time clock, microprocessor supervisor, and NVRAM supervisor. It uses a low-power CMOS SRAM process with a 64-byte memory space, 44-byte NVRAM and 20 memory-mapped RTC registers. The RTC registers are configured in Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) format.

  Key Applications: Home and professional appliances, GNSS, GPS, bridges and gateways


  Yangjie Electronics ABS10 is a bridge rectifier. UL listed, File #E313149, ideal for automated placement, high surge current capability, MSL Class 1 compliant, J-STD-020 compliant, LF max peak 260 °C.

  Key Applications: AC/DC Bridge Full-Wave Rectification for SMPS, Lighting Ballasts, Adapters, Battery Chargers, Home Appliances, Office Equipment, and Telecom Applications


  Texas Instruments TPS70950DRVRM3 is a 150mA, 30V, ultralow IQ, low dropout voltage regulator with reverse current protection and enable. The TPS70950DRVRM3 linear voltage regulator is an ultra-low quiescent current device designed for power sensitive applications. A precision bandgap and error amplifier is 2% accurate over temperature. Quiescent current of only 1µA makes this device an ideal solution for battery-powered always-on systems requiring very little idle state power dissipation. For added safety, the devices also feature thermal shutdown, current limit, and reverse current protection.

  Key Applications: Smoke and heat detectors, thermostats, motion detectors (PIR, uWave, etc.), cordless power tools, appliance battery packs, electricity meters, water meters


  Meitai 1N5819HW-7-F is a surface mount rectifier diode with molded plastic case. It is suitable for low voltage high frequency inverter. The rectifier diode has high current capability and low forward voltage drop.

  Main applications: automotive, power management


  Nisshinbo Microelectronics NJU7007F3 is an ultra-small single-channel C-MOS operational amplifier that uses a single power supply, low power, low offset voltage, and low operating current. Input offset voltage is less than 4mV and input bias current is as low as 1pA, so even very small signals around ground level can be amplified. The minimum operating voltage is 1V, and the output stage allows the output signal to swing between the two supply rails. In addition, NJU7007F3 adopts ultra-small SC-88A package, so it is very suitable for portable equipment.

  Main application: for consumer goods


  The Analog Devices AD7512DISQ is a dual channel SPDT protected analog switch. The AD7512DISQ is a latch-up proof, dielectrically isolated CMOS switch that provides overvoltage protection up to ±25 V beyond the supply voltage. These advantages are achieved without compromising the low on-resistance (75 W) or low leakage current (500 pA) of the analog switch.

  Key Applications: Instrumentation, Audio and Video Switching, Communication Systems


  STMicroelectronics STM8S003F3P6TR is a mainstream value series 8-bit MCU with 8 KB Flash, 16 MHz CPU and integrated EEPROM.

  Key Applications: Personal Electronics, Smartphones, Tablets, and eBook Readers


  ON Semiconductor UC3842BD1 is a current mode PWM. The UC3842BD1 IC provides the necessary functions to implement an off-line or DC-to-DC fixed frequency current mode control scheme with minimum external component count. Internally implemented circuitry includes a trimmed oscillator (start-up current less than 0.5mA) for precise duty cycle controlled undervoltage lockout, a precision voltage reference trimmed for accuracy at the error amplifier input, logic, a PWM comparator that also provides current limit control, and a totem pole output stage designed to source or sink high peak currents. The output stage is suitable for driving N-channel MOSFETs and is low in the off state.

  Main application: suitable for various applications


  NXP Semiconductors S912ZVLA64F0MLF is a MagniV 16-bit MCU, S12Z Core, 64KB Flash, 32MHz, -40/+125°C, Automotive Compliant, QFP 48.

  Key Applications: Various automotive and industrial control applications such as sensor interface, actuator, switch panel or ambient lighting



  Toshiba TLP350(TP1,F) is a DIP8 package photocoupler consisting of a GaAlAs infrared light-emitting diode (LED) optically coupled to an integrated high-gain, high-speed photodetector IC chip. It offers guaranteed performance and specifications at temperatures up to 100°C. The TLP350(TP1,F) has an internal Faraday shield that provides guaranteed common-mode transient immunity of ±15 kV/μs. It has totem pole outputs and can sink and source current. The TLP350(TP1,F) is ideal for gate drive of small to medium density and power MOSFETs.

  Key Applications: Industrial Inverters, Air Conditioning Inverters, MOSFET Gate Drivers, IGBT Gate Drivers, Induction Cookers and Home Appliances

Prepare your supply chain

Buyers of electronic components must now be prepared for future prices, extended delivery time, and continuous challenge of the supply chain. Looking forward to the future, if the price and delivery time continues to increase, the procurement of JIT may become increasingly inevitable. On the contrary, buyers may need to adopt the “just in case” business model, holding excess inventory and finished products to prevent the long -term preparation period and the supply chain interruption.

As the shortage and the interruption of the supply chain continue, communication with customers and suppliers will be essential. Regular communication with suppliers will help buyers prepare for extension of delivery time, and always understand the changing market conditions at any time. Regular communication with customers will help customers manage the expectations of potential delays, rising prices and increased delivery time. This is essential to ease the impact of this news or at least ensure that customers will not be taken attention to the sudden changes in this chaotic market.

Most importantly, buyers of electronic components must take measures to expand and improve their supplier network. In this era, managing your supply chain requires every link to work as a cohesive unit. The distributor of the agent rather than a partner cannot withstand the storm of this market. Communication and transparency are essential for management and planning. In E-energy Holding Limited, we use the following ways to hedge these market conditions for customers:

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  • Our procurement is concentrated in franchise and manufacturer direct sales.

  • Our customer manager is committed to providing the highest level of services, communication and transparency. In addition to simply receiving orders, your customer manager will also help you develop solutions, planned inventory and delivery plans, maintain the inventory level of regular procurement, and ensure the authenticity of your parts.

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